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Monica Fairbairn
A selection of projects from Gardening by Design
  • Designing Small Urban Gardens
  • Designing Large Suburban Gardens
  • Designing with Plants
  • City Street Curb Appeal
  • Designing with the Community
  • Designing an Urban Garden

    Designing and Installing Cost-Effective Urban Gardens

    Solutions can be small or elaborate with equally pleasing results. An old overgrown bed in this Cambridge garden transforms simply to a year round attractive border with carefully placed trees, shrubs, and perennials using evergreen and deciduous plants.


    A substantial makeover for this Boston Charlestown patio offers a more complex approach for a small space. Carefully patterned architectural details are designed and installed. They include a new privacy fence, a brick patio and new planting beds.




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    Designing Large Suburban Gardens

    A French Garden for Winchester

    The landscape designer's challenge is to envisage the potential in the form of the land, the unique possibilities for a stunning pedestrian entryway, and a dignified garden complementing this restored 19th Century house.


    A New Wellesley Home

    The clients, plant lovers, gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts, wanted a garden to live and work in. the challenge: give verticality, pattern, movement and sound to an otherwise flat space.


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    Planting Options for your Garden

    Live in your garden all summer!

    My own garden, like yours, has its unique share of shade, bright sunlight, wet and dry soils. To the right are several garden treatments that take advantage of different environments in my yard: the dry garden is perfect for a meadow, the damp shady garden for Hydrangeas, Hostas, Hibiscus and annuals, the containers for perpetual color in full sun. Perennials are selected for sun and shade. Together, we can explore the possibilities for your space.

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    City Street Curb Appeal

    Come Home to an Urban Jewel!

    Curb Appeal will help you increase the value of your home with updates to landscaping and the home's exterior. This tiny front garden of a classic apartment building on a busy Boston residential street went from stark and brown to lush and green. A real eye turner on a otherwise drab streetscape!


    In Watertown, MA, a celebratory party inspired this makeover. But the effect is long lasting and durable. The cottage garden that I created fits perfectly with the scale and aspect of the building.


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    City Street Curb Appeal

    The Roxbury YMCA Teaching Garden

    A featureless entryway framed an otherwise vibrant, multi-functional, and essential community asset, the Roxbury YMCA. The designer's challenge was how to mirror and make visible what was happening inside the building on the outside. Our clients shared their dream with us...a teaching garden for all ages. A place to learn how to plant, care for the soil, and respectfully play and work to maintain our environment. This was to be the first functional garden in the Boston YMCA network


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