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Monica Fairbairn
Do you long for gorgeous seasonal views from your house, friends in your garden, multifunctional outdoor spaces for gardening, sitting, cooking, eating, playing, or just relaxing with a book?
Gardening by Design will help you:
Envision the potential and best use of your outdoor space for outdoor living,
Design a functional garden for all seasons to suit your individual needs, using cost-effective, beautiful, and durable materials,
Select the best contractors for installation and maintenance,
Oversee the installation of your garden, while helping you to source the best construction and plant materials available in the market.
Understand and care for your new asset
At Gardening by Design, we are committed to good ecological practice.
Native plants are a major part of our planting palette. We select plants that will survive in your garden's unique conditions and fertilize them with the finest compost and organic mulch. We recommend organically approved insecticides and fungicides. Good gardens begin from the soil up and we work hard to create excellent conditions for growth in your garden.

We are passionate about water conservation and retention. Our crew specializes in rain garden installation that keeps surface water out of sewers, retaining moisture in your garden where it is needed.

Are you a gardener? Not sure how to begin? Let us get you started!

Dig, delve, sit, observe, and open up a world of beauty with botany, birds, butterflies and bees.

Watch and wait as flowers return year after year and become your close friends.

Reap cut flowers, dried flowers, herbs or just sit and smell their fragrance.

Experiment with new and colorful varieties of plants.

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Your Space - Dig In It
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Your Place - Live In It
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Your Space - Dig In It